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A Universe of LifeAstrobiology Index Astrobiology Nature AB All About the Milky Way Galaxy Scale Models of Solar System Light Years Origin of the Elements and the Life of a Star Chemistry Basics Reminder
The Science of Life in the Universe HyperHistory Online: more about Greek philosophers Period of Naturalism Baloney Detection and Pseudoscience I Baloney Detection and Pseudoscience II Galileo Galilei I Galileo Galilei II All About Spectra Comprehensive Set of Links to World-Class Telescopes How Does a Telescope Work?
Universal Context
BBC's Origin of Species Online TalkOrigins Newsgroup History of Evolutionary Theory Major Themes in Evolution The Tree of Life Home Page DNA Structure and Function Chemical Differences Between DNA & RNA Biodiversity hypertextbook
The Habitability of Earth
'Geology Wing' of Berkeley on-line science museum Continental Drift Animation (cool!) Continental Drift: PBS Interactive Activities Radioactive Dating: an applet of radioactive decay This Dynamic Earth, from the USGS Create your own Tectonic Maps Actual Measurements of Continental Drift Earth Systems Models
The Origin and Evolution of Life on Earth
RESA Titan and Origins Tree of Life Cosmic Ancestry: Panspermia and Gaia Earth System Modeling
Searching for Life in Our Solar System
Extremophiles Article Extremophiles: Ultramarathoners
Mars Exploration at NASA/JPL Mars Global Surveyor---Current Images and Science! Mars Society Nine Planets: Mars Mars Meteorites Home Page ESA Mars Express Mars Today---Daily Weather on Mars NASA Haughton-Mars Project
Life on Jovian Moons
Nine Planets: Europa Callisto Titan Triton PBS: Life Beyond Earth: Expansion of Habitable Zone Triton Cassini-Huygens MIssion to Saturn and Titan Tidal Heating Callisto May also have an ocean Galileo Home Page Icepick: Europa Ocean Explorer and their list of Europa web sites
The Nature and Evolution of Habitability
The Habitable Zone Stars and Habitable Planets Galactic Habitable Zone Long-Term Climate Regulation
Habitability Outside the Solar System
Extrasolar Planet Encyclopedia ESP Group at UC Berkeley Known Planetary Systems Catalog, including observing information Transit Detection Geneva ESP Search Programs Microlensing Planet Search Planet Migration
The Search for Extraterrestrial Intellegence
SETI@home SETI Institute The Planetary Society Project Phoenix SETI Australia Centre (particularly good!) SEDS Amateur Radio Astronomy The Drake Equation Calculator Fermi's Paradox
Interstellar Travel and the Fermi Paradox
SEDS Warp Drive When? Emerging Possibilities for Space Propulsion Breakthroughs Setting Sail for the Stars Interstellar Transport How Stuff Works: Special Relativity The Condon Report: Scientific Study of UFOs The National UFO Reporting Center CSICOP "Where Are They?" by Ian Crawford
Seth Shostak for
Search for Life Part I Search for Life Part II Search for Life Part III The Age of the Universe The Age of the Earth The Age of Humanity

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