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Mathematica Notebooks

The computer programs below were written in Mathematica to help you do key calculations in general relativity. Click on the .pdf files to see a sample output of each program in Adobe Acrobat format. Download and save the .nb files to see the files in Mathematica notebook format. You'll need to have the Mathematica program to open the .nb files.

Title PDF Sample Output PC User Downloads MAC User Downloads
Christoffel Symbols and the Geodesic Equation - Computes the Christoffel symbols and exhibits the components of the geodesic equation for a given metric. Christoffel Christoffel.nb.zip Christoffel.nb.sit
Orbits in the Schwarzschild Geometry - Calculates the shape of orbits in the Schwarzschild geometry. Schwarzorbits Schwarzorbits.nb.zip Schwarzorbits.nb.sit
Friedman-Robertson-Walker Cosmological Models - Solves the Friedman Equation to compute the evolution of a FRW model with general values of the cosmological parameters. FRW FRW.nb.zip FRW.nb.sit
Curvature and the Einstein Equation - For a given metric calculates the Christoffel symbols, the components of the Riemann curvature, the Ricci Curvature, the Curvature scalar, and the Einstein Curvature, all in a coordinate basis. Curvature Curvature.nb.zip Curvature.nb.sit

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