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References I-Re

[IAB 2004] Internet Architecture Board,

[IANA 2004] Internet Assigned Number Authority homepage,

[ICANN 2004] The Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers,

[IEC Optical 2003] IEC Online Education, “Optical Access,”

[IEEE 802 2004] “IEEE 802 LAN/MAN Standards Committee,”

[IEEE 802.11 1999] IEEE 802.11, 1999 Edition (ISO/IEC 8802-11: 1999) IEEE Standards for Information Technology—Telecommunications and Information Exchange Between Systems— Local and Metropolitan Area Network—Specific Requirements—Part 11: Wireless LAN Medium Access Control (MAC) and Physical Layer (PHY) Specification,

[IEEE 802.15 2004] IEEE 802.15 Working Group for WPAN. [Kaaranen 2001] H. Kaaranen, S. Naghian, L. Laitinen, A. Ahtiainen, Valtteri Niemi, UMTS Networks: Architecture, Mobility and Services, New York: John Wiley & Sons, 2001

[IEEE 802.1X] IEEE Std 802.1X-2001 Port-Based Network Access Control,

[IETF 2004] Internet Engineering Task Force homepage,

[IETF dnsext 2004] IETF DNS Extensions Working Group,

[Interlinknetworks 2004] Interlinknetworks, “Introduction to 802.1x for Wireless Local Area Networks,”

[IMAP 2002] The IMAP Connection,

[Interlinknetworks 2004] Internlinknetworks, “Introduction to 802.1x for Wireless Local Area Networks,”

[Ioannidis 2000] S. Ioannidis, A. Keromytis, S. Bellovin, J. M. Smith, “Implementing a Distributed Firewall,” Proceedings of the ACM Computer and Communications Security (CCS) 2000, (Athens, Greece), pp. 190–199,

[Iren 1999] S. Iren, P. Amer, P. Conrad, “The Transport Layer: Tutorial and Survey,” ACM Computing Surveys, Vol 31, No 4, (Dec 1999).

[ISC 2004] Internet Systems Consortium,

[ISO 1987] International Organization for Standardization, “Information processing systems —Open Systems Interconnection—,”International Standard 8824 (Dec. 1987).

[ISO X.680 1998] International Organization for Standardization, “X.680: ITU-T Recommendation X.680 (1997) | ISO/IEC 8824-1:1998, Information Technology—Abstract Syntax Notation One (ASN.1): Specification of Basic Notation.”

[ITU 2000] International Telecommunication Union, “Recommendation X.509 (11/93) Information technology - Open Systems Interconnection - The Directory: Public-key and attribute certificate frameworks”

[ITU 2004] The ITU Web site,

[ITU Statistics 2004] International Telecommunication Union, “Key Global Telecom Indicators for the World Telecommunication Service Sector,”

[ITU-T Q.2931 1994] “Broadband Integrated Service Digital Network (B-ISDN) Digital Subscriber Signaling System no.2 (DSS2) User Network Interface Layer 3 Specification for Basic Call/Connection Control,” ITU-T Recommendation Q.2931, Geneva: International Telecommunication Union, 1994.

[Iyer 2002] S. Iyer, R. Zhang, N. McKeown, “Routers with a Single Stage of Buffering,” Proceedings 2002 ACM Sigcomm Conference,

[Jacobson 1988] V. Jacobson, “Congestion Avoidance and Control,” Proceedings of ACM SIGCOMM ‘88, (Stanford, CA, Aug. 1988), pp. 314–329,

[Jain 1989] R. Jain, “A Delay-Based Approach for Congestion Avoidance in Interconnected Heterogeneous Computer Networks,” ACM Computer Communications Review, Vol. 19, No. 5 (1989), pp. 56–71.

[Jain 1994] R. Jain, FDDI Handbook: High-Speed Networking Using Fiber and Other Media, Addison-Wesley, Reading, MA, 1994.

[Jain 1996] R. Jain. S. Kalyanaraman, S. Fahmy, R. Goyal, and S. Kim, “Tutorial Paper on ABR Source Behavior,” ATM Forum/96-1270, Oct. 1996.

[Jaiswal 2003] S. Jaiswal, G. Iannaccone, C. Diot, J. Kurose, D. Towsley, “Measurement and Classification of Out-of-Sequence Packets in a Tier-1 IP backbone,” Proceedings of 2003 INFOCO M,

[Jakobson 1993] G. Jacobson and M. Weissman, “Alarm Correlation,” IEEE Network Magazine, 1993, pp. 52–59.

[Ji 2003] P. Ji, Z. Ge, J. Kurose, D. Towsley, “A Comparison of Hard-state and Soft-state Signaling Protocols,” Proceedings of 2003 ACM SIGCOMM,

[Jiang 2001] W. Jiang, J. Lennox, H. Schulzrinne, K. Singh, “Towards Junking the PBX: Deploying IP Telephony,” NOSSDAV'01 (Port Jefferson, NY, June 2001).

[Jimenez 1997] D. Jimenez, “Outside Hackers Infiltrate MIT Network, Compromise Security,” The Tech, Vol. 117, No. 49 (Oct. 1997), p. 1.

[Jin 2004] C. Jin, D. X. We, S. Low, “FAST TCP: Motivation, architecture, algorithms, performance,” Proc. IEEE Infocom, Hong Kong, March 2004,

[Kaaranen 2001] H. Kaaranen, S. Naghian, L. Laitinen, A. Ahtiainen, Valtteri Niemi, UMTS Networks, Architecture, Mobility and Service s, John Wiley &Sons, 2001.

[Kahn 1967] D. Kahn, The Codebreakers, the Story of Secret Writing, The Macmillan Company, 1967.

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[Kangasharju 2000] J. Kangasharju, K. W. Ross, and J. W. Roberts, “Performance Evaluation of Redirection Schemes in Content Distribution Networks ,” Proceedings of 5th Web Caching and Content Distribution Workshop, Lisbon, Portugal, May 2000, Lisbon, Portugal.

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[KaZaA 2004] KaZaA homepage,

[Kelly 2003] T. Kelly, Scalable TCP: Improving Performance in Highspeed Wide Area Networks,

[Kende 2000] M. Kende, “The Digital Handshake: Connecting Internet Backbones,” FCC Report, 2000,

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[Kleinrock 2004] L. Kleinrock, “The Birth of the Internet,”

[Kohler 2004] E. Kohler, M. Handley, S. Floyd, J. Padhye, DCCP homepage,

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[Larmouth 1996] J. Larmouth, Understanding OSI, International Thomson Computer Press 1996. Chapter 8 of this book deals with ASN.1 and is available on-line at

[Larsen 1997] A. Larsen, “Guaranteed Service: Monitoring Tools,” Data Communications, June 1997, pp. 85–94.

[Lawton 200 1] G. Lawton, “Is IPv6 Finally Gaining Ground?” IEEE Computer Magazine (Aug. 2001), pp. 11–15.

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[manet 2004] IETF Mobile Ad-hoc Networks (manet) Working Group,

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[Microsoft Player Media 2004] Microsoft Windows Media homepage,

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[Net2Phone 2004]

[Netcraft 2004] The Netcraft Web Server Survey, Netcraft Web Site,

[Netscape Cookie 1999] Netscape Communications Corp., “Persistent Client State http Cookies,”

[Netscape SSL 1998] Netscape Communications Corps, “Introduction to SSL,”

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