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Self-Assessment Quizzes
Chapter 3

1 .       A country experiencing a serious BOP _________ is more likely to __________ imports than otherwise. 

2 .       Both the BOP and the current account must be in balance. 


3 .       Which of the following is NOT an example of an exchange of financial assets? 

4 .       Over the last several years, the United States has run a ________ in the goods trade balance and a __________ in the services trade balance. 

5 .       In 1999 the United States posted a current account deficit of -$331 billion. However, the __________ sub sector had a positive balance of $78 billion.  

6 .       Which of the following would be considered a direct investment either into or from the United States? 

7 .       The role of official reserves is _____________ under a __________exchange rate regime. 

8 .       If most major economies are operating under a regime of fixed exchange rates, then a ___________ in a country's balance of payments suggests that the country should ____________ its currency. 

9 .       The era between 1880 and 1914, when the gold standard was in use, was characterized by decreasing capital mobility. 


10 .       An excess of merchandise exports over merchandise imports results in a balance of trade deficit. 


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