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User Interface Video Links

  1. University of Maryland Human Computer Interaction Laboratory (HCIL) library of videos
  2. MIT Sketching Tool with additional information at this MIT site
  3. Starfire with additional information at
  4. Vision 2010 Old School Friends from NTT DoCoMo
  5. NTT DoCoMo Mobile Future
  6. The Road to Hokusai’s Waterfall
  7. Touch Sensitive Displays with a similar commercial product at Touch Tables
  8. Multimedia Wall (Jeff Han)
  9. Microsoft Future Vision: Healthcare
  10. Denim web design tool
  11. I/O Brush
  12. Desktop Metaphor with additional information at Bumptop
  13. Microsoft Surface
  14. Simplicity Sells (David Pogue)
  15. Best of 2007 (David Pogue)
  16. One laptop per child (SIGGRAPH 2007)
  17. Nicholas Negroponte takes OLPC to Columbia
  18. Wii Remote hacks (Johnny Lee)
  19. BLUI Blowable User interface
  20. Brewster Kahle builds a free digital library
  21. James Surowiecki on the turning point for social media
  22. Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi on flow
  23. Rives on Emoticons
  24. Kevin Kelly on the next 5000 days of the web
  25. Digital Jewelry
  26. Really Achieving Your Childhood Dreams (Randy Pausch)
  27. Fisheye menus (Ben Bederson) scroll down to “fisheye menus"
  28. SearchKids: A Digital Library for Children (scroll down to “searchkids”)
  29. Tech talks from Google
  30. Google videos (search for HCI or CHI)
  31. iPhone
  32. Webby Awards
  34. Samsung touchWiz
  35. Touch Me Tender interface
  36. The Web's secret stories (Jonathan Harris)
  37. Speech interfaces (MIT Media lab)
  38. The Inspiration of Second Life
  39. Second life and Linden Lab
  40. 5 worst web sites
  41. More on second life
  42. Carnegie Mellon University HCI videos
  43. Stanford University HCI videos
  44. Don Norman on Design and Emotion
  45. Pattie Maes demos the Sixth Sense
  46. David Merrill demos siftables – the smart blocks
  47. Brenda Laurel on making games for girls
  48. David Perry on videogames
  49. Evan Williams on listening to Twitter users

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