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Multiple Choice

This activity contains 20 questions.

Question 1
1 What is the inability to satisfy basic food needs due to lack of financial resources or other problems?
End of Question 1

Question 2
2 What is the most frequent cause of hunger in developed countries?
End of Question 2

Question 3
3 Which of the following countries is considered developed?
End of Question 3

Question 4
4 Which of the following households has the greatest risk of being food insecure and experiencing poverty?
End of Question 4

Question 5
5 Which of the following states has a very high rate of food insecurity and/or hunger?
End of Question 5

Question 6
6 Which of the following is not a common cause of homelessness?
End of Question 6

Question 7
7 Which of the following disorders may cause a person to lose interest in eating or having access to cooking facilities?
End of Question 7

Question 8
8 What is the term for boycotts or trade embargoes used by one country or international group to apply political pressure on another?
End of Question 8

Question 9
9 What is the leading cause of famine and undernutrition?
End of Question 9

Question 10
10 Which of the following is not a favorable outcome of irrigation?
End of Question 10

Question 11
11 Which of the following groups of people has the lowest risk for developing malnutrition?
End of Question 11

Question 12
12 What is the global recommendation for women feeding babies?
End of Question 12

Question 13
13 Which of the following diseases is a contraindication for breastfeeding?
End of Question 13

Question 14
14 Which of the following does not contribute to malnutrition in some elderly persons?
End of Question 14

Question 15
15 Which of the following is a physical symptom associated with starvation?
End of Question 15

Question 16
16 Which of the following is an uncommon illness in malnourished children?
End of Question 16

Question 17
17 Which of the following is a common vitamin deficiency among the malnourished?
End of Question 17

Question 18
18 Which food assistance program in the United States provides nutritious food to only at-risk women and children in an effort to supplement their diets?
End of Question 18

Question 19
19 What minimum temperature should water exceed for solar radiation to effectively destroy common water-borne bacteria?
End of Question 19

Question 20
20 What is a community food assistance location where food is provided to needy individuals and families?
End of Question 20

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