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This activity contains 6 questions.

Question 1
1 Natural selection changes allele frequencies because some _______ survive and reproduce more successfully than others.
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Question 2
2 No two people are genetically identical, except for identical twins. The main source of genetic variation among human individuals is
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Question 3
3 Sparrows with average-sized wings survive severe storms better than those with longer or shorter wings, illustrating
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Question 4
4 If the nucleotide variability of a locus equals 0%, what is the gene variability and number of alleles at that locus?
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Question 5
5 There are 40 individuals in population 1, all with genotype A1A1, and there are 25 individuals in population 2, all with genotype A2A2. Assume that these populations are located far from each other and that their environmental conditions are very similar. Based on the information given here, the observed genetic variation is most likely an example of
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Question 6
6 A fruit fly population has a gene with two alleles, A1 and A2. Tests show that 70% of the gametes produced in the population contain the A1 allele. If the population is in Hardy-Weinberg equilibrium, what proportion of the flies carry both A1 and A2?
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