Chapter 12: DNA Technology
Pre-Test Activities Quiz Chapter Quiz

1 .       Which best defines "recombinant DNA technology"? [Hint]


2 .       In recombinant DNA experiments, ______ is used to cut pieces of DNA and ______ joins the resulting fragments to form recombinant DNA. [Hint]


3 .       In which of the following ways are sticky ends and nucleic acid probes alike? [Hint]


4 .       A genomic library is _____. [Hint]


5 .       Which enzyme is used to "paste" DNA fragments together? 


6 .       A nucleic acid probe can be used to _____. [Hint]


7 .       The term "restriction fragments" refers to _________. [Hint]


8 .       Archaeologists unearthed a human skull with a small dried fragment of the scalp still attached. They extracted a tiny amount of DNA from the scalp tissue. How could they obtain sufficient DNA for an analysis of the ancient human's genes? [Hint]


9 .       The main goal of the Human Genome Project (HGP) has been to _____. [Hint]


10 .       To date, the "easy" part of gene therapy has been _____. [Hint]


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