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Chapter 1 Objectives

Describe the immediate and long-term rewards of healthy behaviors and the effects that your health choices may have on others.

Discuss what Healthy People 2020 is and the determinants of health that this document aims to influence.

Compare and contrast the medical model of health and the public health model, and discuss the six dimensions of health and wellness.

Identify several personal factors that influence your health and classify them as modifiable or nonmodifiable.

Explain how aspects of the social and physical environment influence your health.

Discuss the importance of a global perspective on health, and explain how gender, racial, economic, and cultural factors influence health disparities.

Compare and contrast the health belief model, the social cognitive model, and the transtheoretical model of behavior change.

Identify your own current risk behaviors, the factors that influence those behaviors, and the strategies you can use to change them.


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