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Journal Topics

As you study health and wellness issues in your Personal Health class, you may find that you wish to explore your ideas and feelings on the topics further. These journal topics from the Behavior Change Log Book and Wellness Journal are a starting point for investigation into your health and healthy behavior. Your response to each topic can be emailed to your instructor or simply help you think more about these issues.

1: Taking Responsibility for Healthy Behavior Change
2: Psychosocial Health: Mental, Emotional, Social, and Spiritual Wellness
3: Managing Stress
4: Coping with Violence and Unintentional Injuries
5: Healthy Relationships
6: Sexuality: Making Healthy Choices
7: Reproductive Choices: Contraception and Planning a Family
8: Nutrition: Eating Smart
9: Managing Your Weight
10: Getting and Staying Fit
11: Addictions and Addictive Behavior
12: Using Alcohol Responsibly
13: Tobacco
14: Illicit Drugs
15: Cardiovascular Disease: Risk Reduction
16: Cancer: Understanding Your Risks
17: Sexually Transmitted Infections and Other Infectious Diseases
18: Noninfectious Diseases
19: Healthy Aging
20: Dying and Death
21: Living in a Healthy Environment
22: Being a Smart Healthcare Consumer
23: Complementary and Alternative Medicine (CAM)

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