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Multiple Choice Quiz

This activity contains 16 questions.

Question 1
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Infection by which of the following does NOT typically cause life-threatening illness?
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Question 2
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A foodborne illness caused by _______ would be considered an infection.
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Question 3
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After eating canned corn, Diana suffered severe gastrointestinal illness and muscle paralysis. While being treated at the hospital doctors told Diana that her acute symptoms were likely due to bacterial contamination of the canned corn she had consumed. Which of the following organisms is the most likely culprit for Diana's illness?
End of Question 3

Question 4
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Which of the following pathogens is protozoan rather than bacterial or viral?
End of Question 4

Question 5
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Which of the following can be used to inhibit bacterial growth?
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Question 6
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Which of the following federal agencies is responsible for monitoring domestic and imported meat and poultry?
End of Question 6

Question 7
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Which of the following pathogens is considered a Category A biological agent?
End of Question 7

Question 8
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Which of the following food items is most likely to be contaminated with mercury?
End of Question 8

Question 9
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Which of the following is a BAD food handling practice?
End of Question 9

Question 10
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A physician should be consulted for which of the following symptoms of diarrheal illness?
End of Question 10

Question 11
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What is a foodborne illness caused by pathogens?
End of Question 11

Question 12
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Which type of bacteria enters our bodies through the ingestion of food contaminated with fecal matter?
End of Question 12

Question 13
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Once infected with Escherichia coli O157:H7, how does one prevent its spread?
End of Question 13

Question 14
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Why do many foodborne illnesses go unreported?
End of Question 14

Question 15
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What does trans-shell mean?
End of Question 15

Question 16
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Which of the following are NOT killed by heat alone?
End of Question 16

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