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Chapter Post-Test

This activity contains 39 questions.

Question 1
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A trait like white eyes instead of red eyes in fruit flies or color blindness instead of normal vision in humans is more commonly seen in males than in females. When that type of inheritance pattern emerges, it is a good indication that the trait is caused by ______.
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Question 2
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Hemophilia is a sex-linked disorder. Which is the best prediction of the offspring if the mother is a carrier and the father has hemophilia?
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Question 3
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A female is born with color blindness. What is the most probable genotype of the parents?
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Question 4
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What is the result from change of the hemoglobin gene in sickle-cell anemia?
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Question 5
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A person who is a carrier for a genetic disease has which of the following phenotypes?
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Question 6
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How many pairs of autosomes are present in humans?
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Question 7
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Which of the following explanations could account for dominant alleles that cause lethal disorders being less common than recessive alleles that cause lethal disorders?
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Question 8
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If a disease is caused by a dominant allele, it means that a person with the disease ________.
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Question 9
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Much genetic information can be derived from pedigrees (family genetic histories). This is done primarily for humans because ____________.
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Question 10
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A plant biologist develops a seedless fruit. To be seedless, the fruit must be sterile. The sterility is the result of adding an entire set of chromosomes to the genome of the organism. What is this condition called?
End of Question 10

Question 11
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Alterations in a single trait, like white eyes versus red eyes in fruit flies or color blindness versus normal vision in humans, are the result of ______.
End of Question 11

Question 12
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Which of the following can result in aneuploidy?
End of Question 12

Question 13
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Which of the following can result in Down syndrome?
End of Question 13

Question 14
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What is nondisjunction?
End of Question 14

Question 15
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Karyotyping was done for a patient of suspected blood cancer. Chromosomal analysis indicated that there was an extra-long chromosome 9 and a shorter chromosome 22, called the Philadelphia chromosome. It is a diagnosis of chronic myeloid leukemia, a form of blood cancer in which a big portion of chromosome 22 is transferred to chromosome 9 and a small portion of 22 is transferred to chromosome 9. What is this form of chromosomal abnormality called?
End of Question 15

Question 16
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The b and c genes on a chromosome are linked. BBCC × bbcc is crossed to produce the F1 heterozygotes. Which of the following gametes can an F1 heterozygote produce?
End of Question 16

Question 17
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A fruit fly that is heterozygous for two genes (AaBb) is crossed with a homozygous recessive fruit fly (aabb). If the genes assorted independently, what proportion of the offspring would have the same phenotype as the parents?
End of Question 17

Question 18
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If a somatic cell from a diploid organism has 32 chromosomes, how many chromosomes would be in a gamete that is the result of nondisjunction involving a single pair of homologous chromosome?
End of Question 18

Question 19
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Nondisjunction during meiosis can occur at either the first or second meiotic division. Although neither event is desired, why would a nondisjunction during the second meiotic division be preferred over a nondisjunction in the first meiotic division?
End of Question 19

Question 20
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Amniocentesis is a technique __________.
End of Question 20

Question 21
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What is the application of preimplantation genetic diagnosis (PGD)?
End of Question 21

Question 22
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Which statement about Down syndrome is FALSE?
End of Question 22

Question 23
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Klinefelter syndrome (XXY) is an example of chromosomal aneuploidy that can be readily diagnosed by ________.
End of Question 23

Question 24
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An X-linked carrier is a ___________.
End of Question 24

Question 25
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Which of the following is a transfer of genetic material between nonhomologous chromosomes?
End of Question 25

Question 26
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Cri-du-chat syndrome is caused by ________.
End of Question 26

Question 27
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Which of the following genetic conditions is seen more often in males than in females?
End of Question 27

Question 28
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A female is not color-blind, but half her sons are color-blind. Her daughters are not color-blind. Which conclusion is correct?
End of Question 28

Question 29
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X-linked conditions are caused by ___________.
End of Question 29

Question 30
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A trait is seen with equal frequency in males and females. Two people who do not have the trait might have offspring who do have the trait, at a frequency of approximately 1 in 4. The inheritance of this trait is __________.
End of Question 30

Question 31
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Which disease is autosomal and results in misshapen RBCs that clog capillaries?
End of Question 31

Question 32
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What is one difference between polyploidy and aneuploidy?
End of Question 32

Question 33
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Nondisjunction involving the X chromosomes may occur during oogenesis and produce two kinds of eggs. If normal sperm fertilize the two types of eggs, which of the following pairs of genotypes are possible?
End of Question 33

Question 34
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Which of the following is correct regarding the sex chromosomes?
End of Question 34

Question 35
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The pedigrees of the European royal families show hemophilia was carried by Queen Victoria's daughters, which had important consequences in European history. What are the consequences of hemophilia?
End of Question 35

Question 36
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The main advantage of preimplantation genetic diagnosis (PGD) over amniocentesis is that _________________.
End of Question 36

Question 37
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Which condition or disease can be caused by aneuploidy?
End of Question 37

Question 38
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The probability that a man inherited his Y chromosome from his maternal grandfather is______.
End of Question 38

Question 39
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A woman whose husband worked as an X-ray technician gives birth to a hemophiliac son. Which of the following statements is true?
End of Question 39

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