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Note: The links on this page may unexpectedly expire due to the dynamic nature of the Internet. While we make every effort to catch dead links, we would appreciate your help. If you find that a link on this page has expired, please . Thank you!

General Sensory Physiology
This website provides an excellent and comprehensive introduction to sensory physiology.

The Senses
This section of "Neuroscience for Kids" presents a fun introduction to the senses.

Seeing, Hearing, and Smelling the World
This website from the Howard Hughes Medical Institute provides an accessible introduction to how the brain helps us to interpret our sensory world.

Insects Amazing Sense Of Smell
A fascinating site about the chemical senses of insects.

Brain Briefings: Pheromones
An article hosted by the society for neuroscience on pheromones in humans.

Hearing and Hair Cells
An introduction to vertebrate hearing and hair cells, with a QuickTime movie of the outer hair cells in action.

Sound from Silence: The Development of Cochlear Implants
This website outlines how basic research on the physiology of the inner ear was used to develop cochlear implants, devices that help deaf people to hear.

What animal has a more sophisticated eye, Octopus or Insect?
A comparison of octopus and insect eyes.

Eye, Eye, Eye, Eye: Questions about Eyes
This link provides information about the functioning of both vertebrate and invertebrate eyes.

How We Hear
This link outlines the functioning of vertebrate ears.

Overview of Receptive Fields
This link provides a summary of the concept of sensory receptive fields.

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