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Multiple Choice

This quiz reviews some of the topics in this chapter. The answer choices are randomized, so the quiz will be different every time you take it. For each question, select the button next to the answer you believe is correct. When you are done, click "Submit for Grade" in order to see how well you did.

1 .       A 'curriculum' is defined as a delivery system that provides children with __________ . [Hint]

2 .       _______ orientations are the set of professional and personal beliefs that provide a basis for determining curricula decisions [Hint]

3 .       Determining the value orientation of the curriculum involves consideration of all of the following major components EXCEPT: [Hint]

4 .       The three learning domains in physical education are: [Hint]

5 .       The focus of the _________ domain is knowing rules, health information, safety, and related topics. [Hint]

6 .       Receiving, responding, valuing, and organizing are categories of the: [Hint]

7 .       "Perform body management skills on a variety of apparatus including climbing ropes, benches, and balance beams" is an example of a behavioral objective in the _______ domain. [Hint]

8 .       "Demonstrate a willingness to participate with peers regardless of diversity or disability" is an example of a behavioral objective in the ________ domain. [Hint]

9 .       The yearly content of the curriculum is defined as: [Hint]

10 .       When evaluating the curriculum, likes and dislikes, value judgments, and problem areas: [Hint]

11 .       The conceptual framework of curriculum development is representative of all of the following EXCEPT: [Hint]

12 .       The ordering of the program that clearly defines the skills and learning experiences to be implemented on a year-to-year basis refers to: [Hint]

13 .       The majority of activities for development level I children focus on learning: [Hint]

14 .       Which is not a basic urge of children? [Hint]

15 .       Knowledge, comprehension, application, and analysis are areas included with the: [Hint]

16 .       The initial step in curriculum design is to: [Hint]

17 .       Environmental factors that affect curriculum development include of the following EXCEPT: [Hint]

18 .       For developmental level II emphasis should be given primarily to: [Hint]

19 .       Planning for articulation of program material throughout elementary, middle, and secondary school programs is: [Hint]

Answer choices in this exercise are randomized and will appear in a different order each time the page is loaded.

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