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Physical Activity and Fitness
Multiple Choice

This quiz reviews some of the topics in this chapter. The answer choices are randomized, so the quiz will be different every time you take it. For each question, select the button next to the answer you believe is correct. When you are done, click "Submit for Grade" in order to see how well you did.

1 .       In physical education, the two types of physical fitness that are most often recognized are: [Hint]

2 .       The components of _________ fitness are a subset of skill-related fitness components. [Hint]

3 .       Which of the following is NOT an aspect of health-related fitness? [Hint]

4 .       Children today are as fit as children in previous years as measured by the _________. [Hint]

5 .       The area in which children's fitness has declined over the decades is: [Hint]

6 .       Using a battery of tests (requiring all youngsters to pass all items to be declared physically fit) is: [Hint]

7 .       Studies have shown the relationship between physical fitness and physical activity participation in children is: [Hint]

8 .       The overriding consideration when conducting fitness testing is to ensure the tests: [Hint]

9 .       The computer software program that allows children to recall the intensity, type, and level of physical activity the previous day is called: [Hint]

10 .       Which of the following is not a part of the Fitnessgram test items? [Hint]

11 .       If awards are used in fitness testing, they should reward: [Hint]

12 .       Which of the following is a health-related aspect of fitness? [Hint]

13 .       Which of the following is a skill-related aspect of physical fitness? [Hint]

14 .       The ability to transfer energy explosively into force is: [Hint]

15 .       The ability of the body to perform smoothly and successfully more than one motor task at the same time is: [Hint]

16 .       The maintenance of equilibrium while stationary or while moving is termed: [Hint]

17 .       The ability to change rapidly the position of the entire body in space with speed and accuracy is termed: [Hint]

18 .       Exercise for which the body is able to deliver adequate oxygen to the muscle cells to sustain performance for long periods is called: [Hint]

19 .       The C-LPAM recommends ________ intensity activity for children, in order to achieve the optimal functioning standard. [Hint]

Answer choices in this exercise are randomized and will appear in a different order each time the page is loaded.

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