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Multiple Choice

This activity contains 20 questions.

Question 1
1 A comparison of your bone density with that of a 30 year old healthy adult is a:
End of Question 1

Question 2
2 This weight-bearing activity helps to increase and maintain bone mass:
End of Question 2

Question 3
3 This food is a good source of calcium:
End of Question 3

Question 4
4 This food is a good source of vitamin D:
End of Question 4

Question 5
5 A risk factor for osteoporosis is:
End of Question 5

Question 6
6 This nutrient reduces calcium absorption:
End of Question 6

Question 7
7 Calcium plays an important role in:
End of Question 7

Question 8
8 Hundreds of thousands of women in the U.S. quit using this form of osteoporosis treatment due to a recent study that found that it increased risk for heart disease, stroke, and breast cancer.
End of Question 8

Question 9
9 Inadequate intake of __________ is associated with osteoporosis.
End of Question 9

Question 10
10 The majority of our body's phosphorus is stored in our:
End of Question 10

Question 11
11 The most likely explanation for the link between soft drink consumption and poor bone health is:
End of Question 11

Question 12
12 The process by which the shape of our bones is determined is called:
End of Question 12

Question 13
13 The USDA monitors dairies to make sure that they meet the mandated fortification guidelines for:
End of Question 13

Question 14
14 Vitamin D is important in:
End of Question 14

Question 15
15 We have the potential to increase our bone density until we reach the age of:
End of Question 15

Question 16
16 We tend to lose height as we age due to a loss in bone density in the:
End of Question 16

Question 17
17 Which of the following groups of people is least likely to consume adequate amounts of calcium?
End of Question 17

Question 18
18 Which of the following individuals would be the most likely to receive adequate amounts of vitamin D from the sun?
End of Question 18

Question 19
19 Which of the following is a good source of vitamin K?
End of Question 19

Question 20
20 Which of the following is the most accurate assessment tool for measuring bone density?
End of Question 20

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