STATDISK is a software program designed specifically for use with textbooks in the Triola Statistics Series:

STATDISK is referenced throughout the textbooks, and can be used for nearly all of the statistical procedures in the books.

For the first five books in the list above, all of the data sets from Appendix B are included in STATDISK, except for Data Set 4. The included data sets will be automatically available when the program is loaded.

For the Biostatistics book, all of the datasets in Appendix B are included and will be available when the program is loaded.


Note: The following files are compressed for ease of download. Download a free version of WinZip (for Windows) or StuffIt Expander (for Mac) to extract the compressed files. Due to large file size, it may take several minutes to download this file. Please read the ReadMe file before downloading. A list of improvements to STATDISK 10.3.0 can be found within the StatDisk program.

The latest version of STATDISK is Version 10.3.0 available for both Windows and Macintosh operating systems.   


A Quick Tour of STATDISK  After saving STATDISK to your hard drive, unzip it or unstuff it to extract the application file.  Here are instructions from Mario Triola for a quick walk-through to begin using STATDISK:

1. Run STATDISK and select  DATASETS on the main menu bar, then proceed to select the data set named Bears. Note that the bear weights are in column 9.

2. Click on Data, select Explore Data, select column 9, then click on Evaluate. I believe that you will be impressed with what you see.

3.  Ready to throw away your printed tables? Click on Analysis, select Probability Distributions, then select any of the listed distributions and see how easy it is to get values or areas. For example, try finding the t value corresponding to 73 degrees of freedom and with an area of 0.025 to its right. No more problems with limitations of printed tables!!!

4.  Now try a hypothesis test. Click on Analysis, select  Hypothesis Testing, then  select the type of test. For example, select Proportion One Sample and proceed  to use a 0.05 significance level to test the claim that p = 0.25 given a sample size of n = 200 with 70 successes. Click Evaluate and Plot to see results.


STATDISK is to be used only by users of the Triola textbooks.

Updated 2/15/06.
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